About Canada

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world.
Most educated country (over half people has college degree)
Capital City: Ottawa
Population: 35,151,728 as per 2016 census
Language: English and French
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD 1= NRs 95.14 as on 8th Aug, 2021)

Why to Choose Canada
✔ Quality Education
✔ Affordable fees
✔ Work while study
✔ Immigration Options(After Masters 1 year PSW options)

Education System of Canada
As most of the people know, Canada is one of the world’s top education performers which makes a large investment in its education system. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),Canada is the top three countries in spending per capita on post- secondary education.

Academic year
Almost every College and Universities offer classes from early September until the end of April. And another winter session usually operates from September to December and January to April.

How it works in Canada.
✔ Diploma Level, for one or two years.
✔ Advanced diploma, generally two or three years programs.
✔ Bachelor degrees, awarded after four years of full time study.
✔ Postgraduate diplomas/certificates, for one or two years of study.
✔ Master’s Degrees, available after a bachelor degree or PG diploma to excel in a certain subject for one to two years.
✔ Doctorate or PHD, generally for four to seven years.

Academics Percentage: 60% and above
IELTS: 6.5 no band below 6.0
Intake: Jan, May, Sep.

Post Graduate
Academics Percentage: 60% and above
Note: (Students with 70% above can study Masters program &students below 70% can study PG)
IELTS: 6.5 no band below 6.0
Intake: Jan, May, Sep.

Admission Application
Documents required for offer letter
1.Academics Certificates
2.IELTS certificates
3.Recommendation letter(two)
4.Passport Copy
5.Statement of Purpose
6.Marriage Certificates (for dependent cases)
7.Work Experience letter if any
8.University application fees: Around CAD 65 to CAD 120.

Financial Documents
1.Property Valuation Report
2.Bank Balance Certificate with Statements(should be 3 months old)
4.Education loan from any ‘A’ Grade Commercial Banks
5.Taxable Income Sources.

Fees and Living Costs in Canada
College fees-12000-17000 CAD per year
The monthly average cost of living in Canada for international students is usually between CAD $600-$800 for food and other daily expenses, excluding accommodation.
As per the Canadian Government the student needs to show CAD $10,000 per year as Living expenses.

Why Canada?

Canada, a Country in North America, is the second largest country in the world which has a multicultural environment with people who are friendly and interested in learning new Cultures. Many people look elsewhere for a place to start a new life in search of great opportunities for employment as well as personal growth and to get a quality education. We can see that Canada has always been a country that welcomes immigrants and it is definitely a great destination for new immigrants to build a new life in. The country’s visa/study permit process is much simpler than that of other countries, ensuring a smooth application process.
Immigrants migrate from one country to another country for many reasons and one of them is to get quality education. Canada has been named the most educated country in the world. From different source we can find that over the last few years, International students looking for a global education have been increasingly turning towards Canada because the country spends more an education per capita than any other industrialized nation in the world and it is also home to some of the world’s top universities such as
McGill University, the University of Toronto, McMaster University and so on. Most importantly, Canada is demonstrating its commitment to education and openness to migration while some countries are raising barriers. Likewise, graduates degree of most Canadian programs can secure a three year work permit, which often plays a vital role in permanent residency.
No matter where a person lives, they should be proffered some level of access to the medical services they need to thrive. Improving access to healthcare is equally important for immigrants. Canada has a healthcare plan which provides all residents with reasonable access to medical services, without paying out of pocket for healthcare services such as hospital visits or access to doctors. In conclusion, we can say that Canada is a beautiful and great place for immigrants to settle and build a life.