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Requirement for Austrailia

When preparing to study in Australia, it is important to gather the necessary academic, financial and other types of documents to ensure a smooth application process.

Academic Documents

When preparing to study in Australia, it is important to gather the necessary academic documents to ensure a smooth application process.

  1. For those who have completed their 10+2 education, you will need to provide your 10+2 transcript, provisional certificate, and character certificate.
  2. For individuals who have pursued a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, it is essential to gather your individual mark sheets, transcripts, provisional certificate, character certificate, and graduation certificate. These documents demonstrate your academic achievements and qualifications.
  3. Additionally, universities in Australia often require proof of English proficiency, which can be showcased through a valid English Proficiency Certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, CAL, or OET. It is crucial to ensure you meet the minimum language requirements set by the institutions.

By organizing and submitting these required academic documents, you enhance your chances of a successful application and set the foundation for a rewarding study experience in Australia.

Financial Documents

To complete certain financial transactions or meet specific requirements to study in Australia several documents are often necessary. These include a Bank Balance Certificate and Bank Statement, which provide proof of one’s financial standing.

  1. Additionally, the Source of Funds is crucial and can be demonstrated through previous savings, sales deeds, or transfer of ownership documents, especially in the case of vehicle sales. When dealing with the sale of land or property, important documents such as the Sales Deed (Rajinama from Malpot office) and Property Ownership (Lalpurja) before and after the sale are vital.
  2. A Tax Receipt and Cheque Copy also serve as evidence in such transactions. In the case of an education loan, documents like the Loan Offer Letter and Property Valuation Report (prepared by an engineer) to determine the collateral’s value are required. These documents collectively ensure transparency, legal compliance, and proper record-keeping in various financial scenarios.

Income Documents

When providing proof of income, it is crucial to provide appropriate documentation to verify your income source. The following documents are required based on different income sources, and the income should be at least 30% of the total fund required.

  1. Business Income:
  • Business Registration
  • CPAN/VAT Certificate
  • Tax Registration
  • Audit Reports of the last two years
  1. House Rent or Land Lease:
  • House Rental or Land Lease Contract Paper
  • Land Ownership Certificate (Lalpurja)
  1. Salary:
  • Current Job Letter from the Company displaying position, salary, and start date
  • Pay Slip/Salary Statement for the recent six months
  1. Vehicle:
  • Blue Book (for vehicle ownership)
  • Income Certificate from “Yatayat Bebasaye” (to verify income generated from vehicle-related activities)
  1. Pension:
  • Pension Paper
  • Pension Statement
  1. Agriculture:
  • Verification of Agriculture Income by the Local Government (Land Paper)
  • Business Registration (if applicable)
  • Reference Letter from the buyer of agricultural products
  • Income from Business Partnerships:
  • Business Registration
  • PAN/VAT Certification
  • Audit Report
  • Partnership Agreement
  1. Foreign Income:
  • Passport with Visa
  • Citizenship/Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)
  • Job Letter/Pay Slip to validate foreign income
  1. Supporting Documents from Government Offices (Ward Office):
  • Income Verification
  • Relationship Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax Clearance Letter
  • Address Verification (if required)
  • Name Verification (if required)
  • Marriage Certificate

By submitting the appropriate documentation based on your income source, you ensure transparency and provide the necessary proof to support your financial application.

Some Other Documents Required

Beside these there are some other documents required. They are:

  1. Property:
  • Proper Valuation Report (Can be made from both Ward Office or Engineering Consultancy)
  • Land Ownership Certificate (Lalpurja)
  • Citizenship Certificate (applicant & sponsors)
  • Sponsorship Letter
  1. Supporting Documents For GAP:
  • Work Experience letter and Pay Slip or Salary Statement Training/ Internship Certificate
  • Voluntary Certificate Passport Copy (all page) CV
  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  2. Supporting documents if Married:
  • Marriage Certificate Marriage Photographs
  • Birth Certificate (In case of child dependent) Academic Documents (all)
  • Work experience letter and Pay slip or Salary Statement CV
  • Passport Copy (all page for each applicant)