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Visa process for Austrailia

When lodging a visa application, certain additional documents are required.

  • These include the payment of the visa fee, which can be made online, with the amounts being AUD$620 currently for the student and AUD$460 currently for the spouse.
  • Additionally, the VFS Bio-Matrix Fee should be paid through a demand draft. For the student, the fee is currently NRs.2895 payable to “VF Services, Mauritius PTE LTD,” and for the dependent visa, the fee is also currently NRs. 2895 under the same payee.
  • Furthermore, all offer letters and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoEs) should be included in the application.
  • ┬áIn the case of married applicants, it is necessary to provide the purpose of the visit as part of the documentation. These additional documents ensure that the visa application is complete and satisfies the requirements for processing.

After compiling all the documents you have to give an interview in the high commission through call. The commission might call for the interview randomly so all students are recommended to be ready.